Following our full length interview with former Playboy CEO, and Hugh Hefner’s daughter, Christie Hefner we had to ask the brilliant businesswoman about a few of her favorite things… Take notes, ladies!

Favorite restaurant.  There’s not one because there are so many, but I very much like Coco Pazzo.

Favorite Hotel.  The Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Favorite Store.  I’m not a great shopper.  My favorite kind of shopping is for gifts, and when I’m away.

Favorite Travel Destination.  Everybody with the means should go to Africa, Greek Islands, Bali, Turkey, Peru to name some of the most extraordinary places on the planet.

Favorite Spa Service.  Massage, one of the nice benefits of working with Canyon Ranch!

Favorite Movie.  there’s not just one, but for my father’s 88th birthday next month I’m going to LA, and for his Birthday every year he screens Casablanca which certainly has to be on anybody’s list!

Signature Scent.  The perfume I wear is Calandre by Poco Rabanne but I wouldn’t consider it a signature scent.

News Source.  New York Times

Guilty Pleasure.  French Fries, thin and crispy to be precise.

Preferred Workout.  I’ve learned from experience that it’s really important to cross train and not just do one type of exercise, so even with regard to cardio-aerobics I switch off spin or biking outside with the elliptical.  I think it’s really important to do certain things for strength, certain things for flexibility, certain things for cardio.  You can’t think that just doing one type of exercise is enough.

Cocktail of Choice.  Glenlivit with one ice cube.

Necessary Extravagance.  Travel

Heels v. Flats.  1.5-2 inch heels.

Beauty Must-Have.  Forever I’ve used Cetaphil, and I continue to think that it’s the best cleanser, though there are of course much, much more expensive products out there.  I’m also a big fan of the Clarisonic brush.


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