We first fell in love with her back in her MTV days on The Hills, and then again on The City, but these days Whitney Port has taken her reality TV past and parlayed it into her own fashion label, Whitney Eve.  It seems unlikely that any TV star or fashion designer as successful as Whitney would be so kind and down to earth, but within minutes of meeting her it became abundantly obvious that neither area of her success has gone to her head or gotten in the way of her focus and strong work ethic.  We recently sat down with Whitney at the Thompson Chicago as she prepared for her very first Whitney Eve weekend pop-up shop…

How have you evolved Whitney Eve as a line since its launch?

We’ve been around for 5 years now, but when I was first doing the line it was a lot more expensive and a lot more lux driven.  It was mostly $300 silk dresses. I launched it right when the economy took a hit and I realized that my customer and my demographic wasn’t really in the position to afford those type of things.  I wanted to make a boutique, fashion forward line, but one that’s affordable and that’s where things are at now.


In your mind, what’s been the line’s biggest success to date?

This fall we’re launching in Nordstrom which has been huge for me!  The more girls that are wearing the line, and the more eyes that are on it- is really exciting to me.


What are three wardrobe staples you can’t live without?

A leather moto jacket that I can accessorize and wear with tons of different things.  A great pair of ankle boots.  I have so many!  Either printed, or black, or white- whatever.  Then, definitely jean shorts.  Maybe it’s not practical in Chicago, but in LA I wear them year round.  I always have on cutoff jean shorts!


What’s the biggest challenge you face in designing a line?

The biggest challenge is always making something for everyone.  There are always pieces that we drop from the line because they’re too edgy or fashion forward, and it’s really hard to see those pieces go, but it doesn’t work if people don’t get it.


What’s a fashion risk you think we should all be taking this fall?

I really like the trend of a sock showing, if you have a shorter trouser or a little skirt or dress, I think it’s really cute to wear a printed or colored sock peeking out of a bootie.  Topshop has some really cute little stocking socks right now.


Okay, I have to say- you have the most beautiful skin and hair!  Any tips or products you’re willing to share?

I think what you put in your body on the inside reflects on the outside for sure, so eating healthy and staying hydrated is really important.  I use a line called the finer skin institute, you can find it online, it’s a wash, a toner and a moisturizer and it’s really not the expensive.  It keeps my skin really hydrated!  I’ve also been mixing a Kiehl’s tinted moisturizer in with my regular moisturizer for a little coverage.  For my hair, what keeps it in good condition- even though I cut it all off in May, is a leave-in conditioner by It’s a 10.


Congratulations on your recent engagement!  What’s surprised you the most about the wedding planning process?

The most surprising thing has been how hard it was to find a venue!  I’m a very visual person, so for me it was very difficult to find I place that had everything I had envisioned.

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]



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