In honor of tonight’s Chicago PD premier on NBC we thought we’d share our recent interview with Chicago’s newest resident, Sophia Bush.  We caught up with Sophia a few weeks ago at an event she was hosting with Coach on Michigan Avenue.  We let our contributor and resident #1 Sophia Bush fan, Lily Duevel, ask the actress all about her new show, personal style, and recent time in Chicago.

What can you tell us about your Chicago PD character Detective Erin Lindsay’s style?

She’s an Intelligence Officer, who’s working undercover, so I don’t have to be in uniform which is great for me, because I get to wear different clothes everyday.  I’ve been able to pull in a little bit of my personal favorites.  We’ve incorporated Rag & Bone denim, and we’re doing a lot of Fiorentini + Baker boots, because they look rugged and better with age, but they’re also practical they’re easy to run in and great for 16 hour days on set.  I’ve also got incredible Barbour jackets.  We try to tailor things so there’s at least a little bit of shape to it, and then it’s all about layering.  One specific piece of jewelery the character wears my girlfriend Katherine Rose sent me from Roseark in LA.  It’s an amazing little talon necklace, and it fits who Erin is.  She’s tough, she grew up in a way that the audience wouldn’t expect.  It’s a lot of fun to play her!

You’ve been living in Chicago during filming, what types of things have you been able to discover around the city?  Any favorite spots?

We work all week long, so Monday through Friday I don’t have much time to explore, but every weekend I’ve been checking out Dose Market.  I’m absolutely in love with it!  I actually just found these earrings and this ring from an up and coming designer, Lily Dawson.  I love them!  I love finding things that are of the community, and discovering different designers which have led me to different stores here.  It’s been really fun!

How would you describe your personal style?

In my daily style I tend to lean towards things that are a bit menswear inspired.  I do like to put on a skirt, but today I went to work in a pair of Rag & Bone jeans, and an oversized men’s cashmere sweater that I got at Brooks Brothers a hundred years ago, with my Balenciaga boots, and a little Chanel bag.  I like to change things up, but I also love to feel like a girl.  At nighttime I love to put on a pencil skirt, or a great little dress, and feel a little done up!

Are you one to follow “fashion rules”?  No white after Labor Day, etc…

I love a winter white!  In the case of fashion rules, they were meant to be broken.  All the people who have become fashion icons have done just that!  They’ve done things that are unexpected and they’ve changed our opinions.  With anything that might be considered a risk there comes a fear, but we’re not curing cancer here, we’re getting dressed up, so when you can escape the fear of wearing something wrong and just have fun it feels good.

We love that you’re wearing head to toe Coach in honor of tonight’s event!  Did you get a favorite new piece for the occasion?

I can’t get over this pencil skirt!  I’m so in love with it!  I’m also always a huge fan of leopard, so this clutch is definitely a favorite.  I was trying to take the leather shell and crop it to go with this skirt, but I couldn’t find a leather tailor in town who could do it fast enough so I threw on this little sweater and it saved me!

[Photos By Natalie Probst]


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  2. Lauren says:

    Sophia Bush is so wonderful. Lily, what an honor to have met her! I feel like she would be my bestie if I knew her.

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