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Book club is in session.  If you’ve been to our apartments or seen pictures, you know… we’re powerless against a pretty coffee table book!  Here are a few of the ones the we’re currently loving, along with some long time favorites.  What is your favorite coffee table book?

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2 Responses to Book Club

  1. Great picks! I must admit I own a few on the list and crave many more that you highlighted in the post. I also love Allegra Hick’s book “An Eye for Design” It is such a pretty color blue and the cover has a great print. It really pops on a coffee table display and Kelly Wearstler’s book, “Hue” is another favorite.

    • My favorite is a toss-up between ‘The Hermes Scarf: History and Mystique’ and Taschen’s London and NYC books! Both have beautiful covers and are interesting reads.

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