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This venture into fashion blogging has only made me more aware and inspired by what other fashion bloggers are up to these days.  Today I thought I’d share a few tools of the trade that I’ve picked up on from other fashion blogs and had to try…

1.  Beanies.  Apparently they’re not just for crossing guards anymore!  I recently picked up a few (good news- they cost less than lunch!) and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to throw on and stash in my purse upon going inside.

2.  Don’t put that coat on so fast! Apparently one requirement of being a fashion blogger is never actually putting your arms into your coat sleeves. Is it for fashion? For function?  One thing is certain… It’s not for this freezing Chicago weather!

3.  Shady business.  The number one rule of fashion blogging seems to be one I have no problem adhering to… Sunglasses!  Currently I’m reaching for this pair as I head out every morning.

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One Response to Blogging Basics

  1. Lauren says:

    Love the part about not putting your arms in your coat, that makes me crazy! A coat is meant for keeping you warm and it isn’t going to do anything if your arms aren’t in it. Cute post!


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