We were thrilled to not only attend, but also help out backstage at Cheeky Chicago‘s The Real People of Style Spring Fashion Show at 900 N. Michigan (our happy place) last night.  Our friends at adoptedSTYLE and The View from 5 ft. 2″ were responsible for styling some of Chicago’s most recognizable/stylish residents, and we were brought in to help dress 103.5 KISS-FM’s Angi Taylor.  Angi, by the way, was just as sweet and fun as she is on her morning show- absolutely love her!  Other models included:

Photos of the actual fashion show should be flooding Chicago blogs and websites at any moment, so we thought we’d leave the runway shots to the professionals and give you a look at what went on behind the scenes…

Adopted Style’s Lily Duevel goes over each look for the show.

A rack of clothes for the female models, all from 900 N. Michigan, or course!

Cheeky’s Jessica going over her script for the fashion show with Christine from The View From 5 ft. 2″.

Boards detailing each model’s looks for the show.

Clothing being moved backstage while models finished up in hair and makeup.

We were in love with Angi Taylor’s shoe choices!

David Barton waits with FORD model David Sanchez.

Designer Agga was all smiles with Glossed & Found‘s Graham D. Kostic.

Two of the fabulous male models chatting before the show.

Lily staying calm and keeping everyone organized.

Graham backstage.

CBN‘s Kelly Ryan O’Brien arrives backstage with a twitter account and a diet coke, what more does a girl need?

David, Angi and Christine waiting for the show to start.

Music kept the party going well into the evening.

Amelia and our new girl crush, Angi Taylor, put down their backstage beers to pose for a quick picture.

Dressers, photographers and stylists backstage before the show.

Lily getting ready to send the models out.

Emma Arnold waiting her turn to walk the runway.

Crowds poured in for more than an hour leading up to the show.

All lined up and ready to go…

A great show!

Photo op!

A great show and a fun night- Thanks Cheeky Chicago!

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