Shrouded in secrecy for months, it turns out the uber exclusive and somewhat extravagant Soho House has much more to offer than a members only, country club meets city hideaway.  In fact, the entire first floor is completely open to the public and boasts two restaurants, a cafe, spa, and beautiful lobby/lounge.  One of the two restaurants open to the public is Pizza East.  We recently tried it out for lunch and loved the low key vibe, along with the light & fresh Italian fare.  After trying two of their signature pizzas (classic margarita and a pesto/artichoke concoction), crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, and all around light and fluffy.  We made it a meal by adding a delicious arugula salad, and the peach/savoiardi/mascapone dessert (a must).  Nothing we sampled from the Italian menu left us feeling weighed down, though we’re planning a return trip soon to try the lasagna.  Everything was loaded with fresh vegetables and savory cheese.  The menu boasts a line up where each dish’s ingredients are clearly based on quality and not quantity.  Who doesn’t like just really good, simple, clean food… especially of the Italian variety.  Oh, and did we mention there’s a brunch menu?

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