A couple weeks ago I had a blast speaking at a Bump Club & Beyond event here in Chicago.  While I’m hardly an expert on anything baby related, my topic was discussing what I’ve found to be the best baby gear for city living, and small spaces.  Living in the city, we’re constantly trying to make the most of our limited space, and while many baby products might be awesome in a large house, we look for items that do double duty, can easily be moved from room to room, and take up as little space as possible.  Today I’m teaming up with Bump Club again to both share some of my favorite products AND give them away!  After you peruse my list below, head on over to their website and enter to win just about everything.   Amazing, right?  Here is some of my favorite baby gear, specifically for the first three months…   [Giveaway is now closed]

Moses Basket- The first few months Connor has practically lived in his moses basket.  I love how easily it can be moved between rooms, and the fact that it allows him to nap right next to me while I work.  We currently have this style from Giggle, mostly because I love how it looks in our living room, but I’m also fond of these beautiful baskets from a local company called Hoohobbers.

Baby Bjorn Cradle- Having Connor sleep in our room these first few months has been a lifesaver when it comes to nighttime nursing, and I can’t say enough great things about this bassinet.  It’s small and light weight, but sturdy and has a gentle rocking motion.  I love the minimalist look, and how easily it can be moved from room to room.

Puj Infant Bath Tub- This sink insert makes bath time a breeze and is easily stored flat in our linen closet.  I also love how soft the foam is, as it keeps Connor’s head cushioned and makes bath time feel that much safer.

Changing Table Pad- Here’s a secret… Changing tables are really just dressers.  Shocking, I know.  Instead of splurging on a baby-specific changing table we simply put an adult dresser in Connor’s room with a changing table pad on top of it.  This way the dresser can continue to grow with him, and we were able to buy a nice large dresser to accommodate all his things.  Here’s another secret… Save the hanging closet space for yourself, baby clothes fold easily and onesies don’t really wrinkle.

Space Saver Swing- It took about two minutes of looking at baby swings for me to come the realization that they’re all pretty ugly.  Yes, even the fancy expensive ones.  We chose this one because the size, handle, and battery operation allow it to be easily moved around to keep the baby close, and then tucked out of sight when it’s not in use.  Bonus- It has an option to play darling music (or nature sounds) that Connor absolutely loves!

Baby Bjorn Bouncer + Tiny Love Bouncer- A splurge and a save!  The Baby Bjorn bouncer is pricier but has an extra bounce that is really amazing at soothing a fussy baby.  On the other hand, the Tiny Love bouncer is a great price and functions similarly.  We love how the Tiny Love bouncer folds up making it the perfect piece to take with us on trips, or even just out to the patio, but then prefer the Baby Bjorn seat for day to day use at home.

Skip Hop Activity Gym- At about three weeks old I set Connor on this playmat, thinking he was still too young to enjoy it and I couldn’t have been more wrong- he loved it!  It was adorable.  Now we use it almost everyday, and I love how it folds up to be stored in the closet between uses.

Solly Baby Wrap- Possibly my favorite baby item to date!  I love wearing Connor to keep him close both at home and in public.  The Solly Baby Wrap is perfect because it fits in my purse when I’m not using it, so it’s always on hand to break out if he gets fussy or the stroller gets cumbersome.

Monica + Andy Swaddle Blankets- Connor’s been wrapped in these since his first night at the hospital, and I’m not sure who loves them more, me or him.  They’re so soft, and couldn’t be cuter.  To keep things organized and prevent blankets from accumulating on every surface in our home I keep a pretty basket in each room so there’s always somewhere to toss a blanket to, or a place grab one from.

[Newborn Photos by Hallie Duesenberg]

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2 Responses to Baby Talk: Favorite Gear Giveaway 0-3 Months

  1. rachel cartucci says:

    Love all of this and love the pics. SO happy for the giveaway…..which ends on my oldest son’s birthday. I really want a moses basket…looks so handy! Anything by Bjorn is awesome too. Well, THANK YOU!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this post Amelia! Although I just had my second baby I still find your feedback so helpful. I was just shopping for baby wrap and activity gym, I am excited to try your recommendations :) And I couldn’t agree with you more especially about the basket and the cradle, its my favorite baby gear up until today. I just featured some of my favorite baby gear in my random essentials list and it was on top of my list.
    I been following you consistently and extremely impressed by all the incredible work you been doing post baby. You are amazing!

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