Lindsay Segal is one of the owners of Chicago’s Luxury Garage Sale, but what we’d like to know is if she ever plans on having a personal garage sale, because her Lakeview home is full of some of the most wonderful artwork and curiosities we’ve seen in awhile!  We recently met up with Lindsay for a tour of her condo, and an explanation regarding her obsession with zebras, among other things…

On finding the perfect light fixture, or 5. I am a light fixture addict. These are pieces I believe in investing in because they can transform a room. I got most of mine from Lightology in Chicago.

On her love of Jonathan Adler. Let’s just say that the manager knows me on a first name basis. It is a problem. Jonathan is my hero! The way he plays with color and kitsch really inspire people to have fun in their home- which is really important!

On collecting things. I have always been a collector. I respect minimalists, but I call myself a maximalist. When I find something that intrigues me, I tend to need multiples.

On her love of Zebra. I think I love zebras so much because of their pattern. I can never have too many zebra tchotchkes.

On her design inspiration. Every room is different, but there is a running theme of graphic lines and strong pops of color. I think the feel of the place is an eclectic mix of 70′s pop meets mid-century modern.

On her Etsy addiction. My mom and I always antiqued together when I was young, and now- from the comfort of my own couch, I antique almost every night on eBay and Etsy! Etsy is awesome. It is a marketplace for such great artists and craftsman around the world. I have found so many treasures, and also commissioned some awesome pieces to be made- like my Hello sign.

On her husband’s decor input. He is the best! He knew this was my thing, and basically let me run with it. And for the most part, he trusts my design decisions- with the occasional “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?” thrown in there… (that time I was contemplating a life size plaster zebra for the living room)

On adding the finishing touches to the bedroom. My bedroom needs another layer, and it has been killing me! I finally found the perfect Kelly Wearstler wallpaper, but it was a little too expensive to cover the ceiling with. I decided I am going to replicate it by hand painting it with gold paint. Excited to see how the DIY turns out.

On her “trippy” entry way. I love black and white stripes. I actually wanted to paint the ceiling striped as well…but alas, that got nixed!

On bar cart essentials. That is all my husband’s thing. All I told him was that the liquor needed to be sitting on a lucite tray!

On choosing art. Art is something that should be collected over time. I have a lot of empty walls because I don’t want to rush into filling them with pieces that don’t have a story or mean something to me.

You can go behind the scenes of Lindsay’s home tour here!

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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    Wow. This woman has incredible taste!

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