You may know Jenna Zielbauer as the owner of Bucktown boutique, von Z, but what you may not know is that Jenna is equally as well versed in decor as she is in fashion.  A fact that is evidenced by her gorgeous new Lakeview home!  We chatted with the fashionista about her personal style and posh new pad while receiving a tour of her gorgeous new place!

Congratulations!  You just moved in 2 months ago!  What initially drew you and your husband to your new place?

We were looking for a space in our price range that was not your typical “blocky” Chicago cookie cutter condo – you know, the ones that you’ll find everywhere on the north side. When we saw this place with its incredible lighting and open layout, I was hooked. I saw the perfect combination of contemporary finishes with a homey feel. 

It looks like everything is perfectly in its place after only living here a couple months! How long did it take you to decorate?

I had a google document going for about a month prior to our move of items I wanted to purchase for the house. As soon as we closed I called the credit card company and said the card was about to get really hot, don’t shut me down! Two days after we moved in the house was complete. I was a total decorating ninja.

How would you describe your decor style?

Quirktemporary. I like unique and eyebrow raising contemporary looks, but overly minimalist doesn’t do it for me. Also: details, details, details.

What was the biggest challenge in settling in and decorating your new home?

Not going over budget. The only thing we brought from our previous condo was our guest bed and kitchen table, no chairs. It was a difficult yet exciting challenge to stay within our set budget completely furnishing a new home. Oh, and I purchased all furniture online so that was fun seeing it for the first time as it was coming in our front door Thankfully, it all worked! Ultimately, we stayed within our budget by mixing highs and lows. My personal style, as well as von Z, operate under a similar mantra: Not everything has to have a massive price tag and designer label. One can have great style by strategically matching higher and lower end items together.

What’s your favorite spot in the place?

Hmmmm. I have three. Can I do three?

  1. I love sitting in our living room in front of the fireplace with a glass of champagne. It’s by far the most fashionable room in the house. I spend a lot of time there brainstorming for von Z.
  2. Now that the weather is cooler (ok – freezing) I spend a lot of time in our family room on the couch cuddled under a faux fur blanket watching 3D movies. No, you can not include a picture of me in my killer 3D glasses.
  3. And as they say, save the best for last: My shoe shelves are pretty effing amazing and probably draw the most “oooohs”.

We’re just getting through the holidays, what’s your take on holiday decor?

Less is more.

How was designing your home different from designing your adorable store?

It was actually quite similar. The goal for both was to create a space with a fashionable personality, a little quirky, yet still very comfortable. I think both, in their own ways, achieve that.

How did you and your husband collaborate on the design?

Patrick graciously gave me a lot of freedom with the design. The main reason: He lived in our last condo for a few years before I came into the picture and as such, the place never truly felt like it was “mine.” He knew I wanted to leave my mark on our new home. That being said, I wanted to preserve some (not all!) of the masculinity of our last space, for his sake. Most people are surprised to hear that my husband has been a die-hard heavy metal fan since he was in junior high. He has also worked in the futures business for about 10 years. Hence, artwork featuring the Chicago Board of Trade has made it into our home, along with some sharp edges and a few skulls.

He knew that going into this new place, and was pretty gracious with my need to be creative and go with my gut! He did veto a few things here and there and I ran everything by him, but the design was all me!

Favorite home store: Jonathan Adler
Favorite piece of furniture: Ghost chairs + sheepskin furs.
Dishes: Crate and Barrel + The Dollar Tree (yes, the dollar store)
Bedding: Linens and Things!
Dream purchase for your home: We have plans to install a drop down HD/3D projector in our living room.
Most comfortable spot: Couch, corner spot, in our family room.
Must have home accessory: Espresso machine.
Best deal/find: Ironically, the best deal was not on furniture itself, but on someone we hired to assemble several pieces we bought. We found him online and the assembly took over 4 hours – twice what he expected! Yet, he stuck to his quoted price. He was a strange bird, that one, but he did a great job!

For more images of Jenna’s stunning home head over to our Pinterest page!

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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  1. lexiekay1 says:

    WHERE ARE THOSE SHOE SHELVES FROM?! I’m assuming they aren’t specifically made for shoes, but I love the idea.

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  3. Erin says:

    I am in love with the lamp on the nightstand, do you have sources? Thanks!

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