Eva Daiberl is not only the blogger behind Miss Renaissance, but she’s also a German-born, Chicago-based, pastry chef and a self proclaimed style and design addict.  Eva also travels more than anybody we know, always impeccably dressed when doing so.  Actually, she’s always impeccably dressed regardless of what she’s doing!  I tend to appreciate personal style the most when a person is fully committed to their look, and as you’ll see when ‘touring’ the Miss Renaissance residence Eva’s style and personal touches are evident in every inch!

What made you realize this home was the one?

I searched for the perfect place for quite a while. It probably drove my real estate agent crazy! But when I walked into this house, I knew right away that I had arrived. The natural light, open floor plan, modern design and general vibe of the place were exactly what I had been looking for.

Tell us a bit about your neighborhood.  Any favorite spots?  What drew you to this part of town?

I technically live on the border of the Ukranian Village and West Town. It’s a quiet neighborhood that’s just far enough from the craziness of downtown to feel homey, but with lots of options for action close by. I like to walk my dog or take my bike a few blocks North to Wicker Park to eat/shop/chill out at some of my favorite spots. I love getting pastries and coffee at Lovely Bakeshop, tacos for lunch at Antique Taco, or checking out what’s new fashion-wise at P45 or Penelope.

What was your favorite part of decorating your home?

I love decorating in general, but I think the fact that I slowly decorated my place without any time-pressure is my favorite part. That way, I was able to collect unique things over time and during my travels. Every room has special pieces of furniture and other accents in it with a story or a memory attached.


Was there an area or room your found particularly challenging?  How did you work through the challenge? 

I like a challenge, but I have to admit that finding the correctly scaled furniture for my large basement (which doubles as my casual TV room) was a little daunting. I eventually found a truly over-sized sectional couch to fill the space and make it feel cozy.

Do you have a favorite room, or spot, in your house?

I really love my bedroom. It’s a fun and relaxing space with lots of little personal touches. The colors are subdued with metallic accents thrown in here and there for fun. I love the DIY accent wall with the metallic polka dot cut-outs behind my bed!

What did you look to for design inspiration?

I love reading and earmarking Architectural Digest, Domino & Dwell magazines. I am also addicted to Pinterest, there’s so much cool interior inspiration there!

What items do you think it’s important to splurge on?  Where did you save?

I believe in investing in a great couch as well as a super comfortable bed. My 50′s vintage Dunbar couch is my prized piece in the living room, and I couldn’t be happier that I made the investment. As far as a comfortable and quality bed is concerned – we spend so much of our lives asleep, why on earth would we save on a good bed?!

With your background in baking, how important was the kitchen?  What are your kitchen requirements? 

My kitchen is the heart of my home. I insisted on getting 2 convection ovens installed so I can bake multiple batches of cakes or cookies while also making savory dishes. It’s perfect for throwing dinner parties or bake-offs!

How is your decor style influenced by your love of fashion?  Does your home style differ at all from your personal style?

I think my personal style and decor style are similar. I love classic pieces with a twist. Metallics are my weakness, and I love fun pops of color. I am a bit of a collector when it comes to fashion (great accessories, shoes, bags…) and the same goes for home accents. I love beautiful candles and I have an extensive owl figurine collection that I’ve accumulated on my travels over the years.

You travel more than anybody we know!  How have your travels influenced your home?  Any souvenirs prominently placed?

This house is filled with souvenirs and accents I found while traveling. I think traveling internationally – especially to Africa and Asia – has helped me decorate with more whimsy, humor and color.

You have a great eye for color. How did you choose your color palettes?

I don’t ever truly think about having a specific color palette. I think that my personal favorite colors are well represented in my home. I love a clean white background to show off pops of gold, grey, or pink.

We love your dog Fritz!  Did you make any design decisions to make your home more dog friendly?

Fritz came into my life about a year after I moved into my house. He’s a small dog who doesn’t shed much, so I luckily don’t have to worry about dander or fur on my furniture. The only “design” change I made when Fritz arrived is the addition of a few cute dog beds and bowls.

We know from your blog that you love a good DIY project! Do you have a favorite to date?

Oh, DIY is my kryptonite! I’m constantly thinking about my next possible project. There are too many DIY projects to talk about here, but some of my favorites are the metallic dot wall in my bedroom, the antler jewelry display in my guest room and my gold-leafed succulent pots in the kitchen.

I am also SUPER excited to start a new “Miss Renaissance DIY Workshop” series this month! It’s been in the works for a while, and the first event will be a floral wreath-making class with Asrai Garden. It’ll be a fun Sunday afternoon of delicious brunch food, sweets & drinks by Lovely Bake Shop, and a step-by-step lesson on how to create amazing wreaths to take home for the holidays. I’m so honored to partner up with Asrai Garden on this project – Elizabeth Cronin (the creative floral director) is a genius when it comes to all things floral and holiday! I’d love for your local readers to come join the fun! For tickets and more information on the workshop, click here.

What are your thoughts on entertaining at home?  Do you have a favorite gathering you’ve hosted while in this home?

I love having people over and just relaxing with some wine and food. This house is very open and casual, so it lends itself perfectly to entertaining. I have a lot of fun memories over the years, but my annual Pumpkin Carving Contests are some of my favorites. My friends come over dressed in costume and ready to get carving. I love fall and Halloween, so it’s my perfect kind of night.

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]

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