Co-Creators of Chicago luxury knit line Archer Townsend, attorney Brandi Archer and stylist turned designer, James Townsend, hosting a successful launch party at their West Loop showroom.

Pretty party goers Jen Tadin, Lisa Skorepa + Kara Skorepa were all smiles.

Nelissa Carrillo + Ryscaccard Yoko Baryshnikov looking stylish.

We loved chatting with Kara Blasquez, Kelly Vernon + Tawney Saylor.

Meghan Goulette looked fabulous in her chic chartruse pants.

Party goers previewed the collection and sipped on a custom Archer Townsend cocktail.

Racks of Archer Townsend’s latest knits lined the walls of the West Loop showroom where all the pieces are designed and sewn.

Archer is the new black.

Thanks to Archer Townsend for a fabulous evening!  Can’t wait to see what’s next for this dynamic design duo…

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