{Any Dirty Dancing fans out there?  My cousin Katy and I doing our best Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey at our cousin Leslie’s awesome Dirty Dancing themed bachelorette party in Michigan.}{Spending time with my family at the cottage on Harsen’s Island in Michigan.  The boyfriend and the brother checking things out on the dock.}{I don’t normally think too many bars are adorable, but the Sans-Souci on Harsen’s Island might be just that.  At least on the outside…}{Back in Chicago Lydia & George were breaking the rules (no black dogs on the white bed!) but how can you be mad at those faces?}{We’ve been taking a lot of photos for the blog lately… and for every lovely photo we have 12 of these!  Remember: We’re law students.  Not models.}

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5 Responses to Amelia’s Snapshots

  1. Jeni Johnson says:

    Love, love that skirt!

  2. So cute! Love you “one of the 12″ photo at the end… a sense of humour and humility to be human is refreshing to see on a style blog – thanks for making me smile and recognise myself!

  3. the dirty dancing re-enactment is hilarious!

  4. glow47 says:

    my favorite picture was the lake. time of day for which it was taken was awesome.

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