1. The Clarisonic Skincare Brush is a game changer.  For a long time I was skeptical of the hype (and the price- $195) but alas, I gave in and now I’m hooked!  Basically it exfoliates your skin on a daily basis, which then allows all of your products (for wrinkles, acne, almost anything) to work better than ever before.  If you have a habit of dropping any significant amount of money on creams,  and other  skin care products you’d be crazy not to invest in one of these- suddenly that pricey cream will begin working twice as well when used with this brush.
  2. I love colorful geodes, and these cool coasters are just the right amount to mix with any decor style.
  3. I’m currently looking for the perfect jumpsuit, and drooling over this one!
  4. As you might have noticed, I’ve recently discovered turban headbands.  They’re the perfect accessory for summer not only because of their retro-chic style, but also because of my unruly humidity hair.
  5. My mother is a retired librarian… enough said?

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3 Responses to Amelia’s Fab Five

  1. I love that jumpsuit and the coasters! They’re so cute.

  2. headrebelle says:

    I have to agree with effisforfashion , that jumpsuit is adorable .

  3. Julie Eating says:

    LOVE the clarisonic! I swear by my pink mia :)

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