It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since one of the happiest days of my life, the day Peter asked me to marry him!  With wedding planning moving on full steam ahead for December, I thought I’d take a second and share our proposal photos (Peter planned ahead and had a hidden photographer!) today.  Along with the photos, here is “our engagement story” that Peter wrote out both for our wedding website and in an effort to preserve the amazing memory…

By far the biggest and best decision I’ve ever made was when I decided to ask Amelia to marry me in September of 2012. After acquiring the necessary hardware to complete the transaction, I was faced with the task of planning a memorable engagement. First on the list was asking Don and Clare for permission, a bit old school, but no two people have ever been more deserving of the respect of the tradition. Fortunately, one bouquet of flowers and a case of Old Style beer later, I had the go ahead!  As we have become proud Chicagoans, I wanted to pop the question somewhere iconic in the city that would frequently remind us of the moment in the years to come as we passed it by. One of Amelia’s favorite Chicago landmarks is the beautiful Buckingham Fountain, and with good weather (a nervewracking variable!) there is no better view of the city. While I can’t say I wasn’t nervous to proclaim my intentions in front of the crowds that frequent the fountain, I just had a feeling that it was right.

With all the pieces in place I decided to make my move on September 14 afternoon. Fortunately Graham, my best man, was in town that week for business, so I decided to use him as an alibi for why we would be making an unscheduled trip to Grant Park. The story was that Graham had a work social event later in the evening and wanted to get in a quick dinner with us beforehand. On the way I slipped in that he had gotten out of work early and decided to do some sight-seeing around the park, so we had to pick him up there. We parked on Columbus and strolled up to the north end of the fountain “looking” for Graham, at which point I dropped to one knee in front of an astonished Amelia. The sun was shining, the hourly extended spray of the fountain shot high into the air, and Amelia said that she indeed would marry me. You can’t make this stuff up!

While there is some debate about whether my voice was shaking as I asked the question, I’ll just say that it achieved the desired result. I still had a couple other tricks up my sleeve, as Clare and Don as well as a hidden photographer came up to celebrate and capture the moment. After dinner on the park we headed to our favorite downtown bar, Rockit, for a get-together of Chicago friends and family (plus a few special friends of ours from Ann Arbor), and capped the evening off with a combination of The Hannge Uppe, and the JW Marriott. It was a day and a moment that I will remember forever, perfect not because of the choreography, but because the woman I love said yes.”  – Peter

Thank you so much for the outpouring of love and support we’ve received from everybody over the past year!  Every message, comment and email has meant the world to me.  It’s been so special to share in such an amazing memory with all of you!















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4 Responses to A Year Ago Today

  1. Melissa says:

    Love that dress! How neat he captured the moment on camera

  2. What amazing photos! I also got engaged at Buckingham Fountain and have such happy memories of that night…I only wish I too had photos to capture the moment. What a thoughtful fiance you have.

  3. Mark Vaugh says:

    Candid moments captured so well, I would love to see their wedding snaps as well. I can help them with a very elegant theme using linen rentals for their marriage.

  4. Mark says:

    Amazing to see those candid moments, it inspires me to take snaps of all special moments of life.

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