Captain Morgan, the rum company not the pirate, was kind enough to invite us out to the Public Hotel Wednesday night for a screening of a documentary they commissioned about the man himself, Captain Henry Morgan.  The documentary is on its way to Sundance, and will air on the Sundance Channel later this month.  A great crowd turned out for the event, and as you can imagine the rum was flowing!  Other than the underwater archaeologists (can we go back to college and change our majors?) in the film, the real star of the night may have been the uber chic screening room at the Public Hotel.  We kicked back with a few cocktails and felt right at home!

Holly Tassi Meghan McConnachie, and Tara Sakerak enjoy Captain Morgan cocktails before the film.

A custom crafted rum punch.

Kristen Graves, Julia Masurek & Michelle Maro enjoy a night out.

Nirvano Brans and Michelle Erickson enjoy the lovely cocktail hour.

Four Captain Morgan cocktails were served, and we’re happy to confirm they were all delicious!

Steph Eyce & Jane Garcia sip and socialize before the documentary.

Thanks to Katie Zachs and Kelly Greenawalt, both of Taylor PR, for a fabulous event!  As well as the Public Hotel’s Katie Goldstein.

A replica of what Captain Morgan’s coat is believed to have looked like designed and constructed by an Academy Award winning costume designer.

Cocktails and gourmet popcorn being served in the screening room.

The screening room felt much more like a luxe living room than a theater.

After the film dessert was served.

Beautiful couches, with gorgeous pillows and soft throws made everyone feel right at home during the film.

Stills from the documentary provided the perfect decor for the event.


Cocktails flowed and guests lounged in the screening room well after the film ended.

The Public Hotel looked as gorgeous as ever.

Amelia & Greg believe documentaries are always best viewed through your chicest statement glasses- leave those contacts at home, folks.  Cheers to a fun night out, and thanks again to Captain Morgan & The Public Hotel!


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  1. Ok, this is so cool!! I love that Captain Morgan cocktails were served too! I love events like this :)

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