She’s a mother, model, and well on her way to being a mogul.  We recently caught up with Alessandra Ambrosio as she launched Victoria’s Secret’s latest and greatest sports bra the knockout (it’s front zip!) here in Chicago.  The Brazilian beauty talked about her exercise regimen, beauty basics, summer plans and more with Amelia…

Look at those abs!  Since your in town for the launch of this amazing sports bra I have to ask- What are your workout habits?  How often do I need to go to the gym to look like that?

I do pilates, yoga and spinning classes.  I try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week to do that, and in between I run around with the kids, and take my bike to the beach.  I love surfing and playing volleyball with my friends.  Whenever I can be outside and include sports that’s what I love to do!

All this talk of surfing and volleyball has me thinking you’re truly a low maintenance California girl… What’s your morning beauty routine like?

In the morning I just use serums, I love vitamin C serums, and a moisturizer.  I’ll do a sunblock, and maybe some eye cream.  Those are the basics that we should all probably be doing every morning.  Then at work I get a full face of makeup, so when I’m not working I try to stay away from wearing makeup, with the exception of maybe a little bronzer on the cheeks.  It keeps me looking healthy and nice!

Any big plans for the rest of the summer?  What are you looking forward to most?

For summer I’m going to Brazil, even though it’s winter there it’s the World Cup!  I’m planning to hang out with my family, watch the games, and cheer for Brazil!

Will you go to any of the [World Cup] games?

I’m definitely going to one game, and hopefully I’ll get to see two or three more!  I want to make sure I go to some games, but I also want to watch at home with my family.

Seeing as you’re a Brazilian supermodel I’d be remiss not to ask what swimwear trends you’re excited about this summer…

There are so many different and cute styles it depends what kind of girl you are!  There are sporty tops that are perfect for surfing, and girly ones with little ruffles in front, and then the basic triangle.  I wear them all- one for each day of the summer!

What’s been the biggest “pinch me moment” of your career to date?  Any truly surreal moments?

I think when after I had my son I got a call from Victoria’s Secret just two weeks after I’d given birth that I was chosen to wear the “fantasy bra” that year.  I was on the phone holding my little baby and screaming.  It was the best news!  I think that was pretty incredible and something I’ll never forget.

[Photos By Hallie Duesenberg]



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