As a blogger (and a self proclaimed product junkie) I spend a lot of time trying out new makeup lines, beauty potions, and products that claim to make you pretty.  I have baskets of samples to go through, and have usually opened a new product well before before I’ve finished the first one.  When I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinet the other day I started thinking that because I’ve had so many opportunities to try different products, and explore the latest and greatest claims, the products I routinely turn to and have been devoted to for years must be really great!  I don’t have a go to for every beauty/makeup item (I’m still on the hunt for a favorite eyeliner, skin toner, and even the perfect foundation… Any suggestions?) but there are a handful of items I’ve been very loyal to over the years.  In no particular order, 10 of the products I continuously use, trust, and remain hopelessly devoted to are…

Seche Vite Topcoat [$7.99] – There seems to be a pretty wide consensus among the serious nail polish gurus that this stuff is the best and after trying it once you can see why.  Many nail salons use it as their topcoat, but I’ve found that they key is putting another coat on myself a couple days after I get a manicure and regular polish will last for a week easily!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick [$44] – My skin is not naturally “dewy”, “fresh” or “glowing”.  In fact, it’s far from it!  So when anyone uses those adjectives in my general direction it’s safe to assume I used my shimmer brick.  I have pink quartz and bronze, and one pallet lasts forever.   I’ve been hooked since high school!

CeraVe PM Facial Lotion [$12.99] -  It’s cheap, easy, and frankly it works just as well (if not better) than the expensive creams and lotions I’ve tried over the years.  I keep it in my nightstand and use it every night before I fall asleep.

Sweet Almond Oil [$15.99] – My bathroom used to be a graveyard for different half used body lotions.  These days I keep it simple with just one bottle of sweet almond oil.  It’s super moisturizing and absorbs easily- the perfect combination!  It’s been my go to product for preventing pregnancy stretch marks (so far, so good!) but will probably be my life long staple for dry skin- especially winter knees and elbows!

Bobbi Brown Makeup Brushes [$27-$62] – I love a budget beauty item as much as anybody, but good makeup brushes are worth the splurge and will definitely save you money in the long run.  Most of my Bobbi Brown brushes are over 10 years old, but look brand new after a quick wash.  They distribute makeup evenly and effectively and have been worth every penny over the years!

Hourglass Cosmetics ‘Opaque Rouge’ Liquid Lipstick [$28] – It stays on all day and the colors are amazing! Enough said.

Great Lash Mascara [$5.79 | Black for Eyelashes | Clear for Eyebrows]- You don’t need me to tell you this cult beauty favorite is the best.  It’s continuously referenced by makeup artists and enthusiasts as one of the all time great products, a sentiment I echo!  I always fall for the latest mascara commercial and the endless promises of ‘out of this world eyelashes” and I always end up going right back to this one.

bareMinerals ‘Ready’ Foundation Pressed Powder [$29.00] – I’ve had a longstanding love/hate relationship with bareMinerals.  When it first came out it seemed kind of infomercial-y and I was turned off.  Then I tried the loose foundation power and loved it!  However, I eventually became tired of the loose powder because it was a little messy to use (partially my fault- I’m sure) but when they came out with the same formula in a pressed powder I ran to the store and have been hooked ever since!

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap [$17.00] -  Nothing leaves my face feeling quite as clean as this stuff!  I’ve used it since middle school and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Sally Hershberger Hair Hyper Hydration Super Keratin Spray [$12.49] – My mom discovered this product last year and loved it so much she went old school, drove to the post office, and MAILED me a bottle.  Turns out, she was right!  I love it so much I’ve been buying my own ever since, and sharing it in this blog post is my version of enthusiastically mailing someone a bottle.


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  1. Paige says:

    I’m always looking for a good lipstick. I’ll have to try Hourglass’ products. Thanks for sharing!

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